By Price Group

Polished Front, Polished Top, *BRP

36x6x24 Serp Top, Polished Front & Back, *BRP Tablet; 48x12x6 Polished top, *BRP Base
​18x6x24 Oval Top P5 (All Polished), *BRP Tablet 26x12x6 Polished Margin, Polished Top, *BRP Base

Optional Base Types

All Upright Memorial Markers Come Standard With:

  • Polished Front & Back, *BRP
  • Choice of Standard Monument Top
  • Polished Top, *BRP Base
  • Personal or Classic Design
  • Unlimited Lettering on One Surface
  • Family Name on Back of Monument
  • Any Combination of Graphics from our Design Book
  • No Charge for up to 3 Sketches

Artisan Upgrade Includes:

  • Original memorial art creation

  • Customer provided artwork

  • Unlimited design elements

  • Unlimited lettering on two surfaces

  • Unlimited design consultations

  • Sandblast portrait

  • Signature
  • ​Unlimited approval sketches

*BRP Balance Rock Pitched (Everything else rough rock)

Standard Upright Monument tablet & base sizes

             Individual                                                                          Companion

18x6x24; 26x12x6 Tablet & Base                                                36x6x20; 48x12x6 Tablet & Base

24x6x18; 24x12x6 Tablet & Base                                                36x6x24; 48x12x6 Tablet & Base

24x6x24; 24x12x6 Tablet & Base                                               42x6x26; 54x12x6 Tablet & Base

24x6x36; 24x12x6 Tablet & Base                                               48x6x28; 60x12x6 Tablet & Base

30x6x20; 40x12x6 Tablet & Base

Polished Top, *BRP

Standard Base


* A concrete or granite foundation is required beneath base. The foundation may be purchased from us although in some cases cemeteries may provide foundations and installations.

Gothic Tops

​All Polished (P5)

​Oval Top

Polished Margin, Polished Top, *BRP

​All Polished (P5)

                    Polished Front, Back & Top (P3)​
                                    All Polished (P5)
​                               Upgraded base style
​add inscription or design to an additional surface
                                    color shading
                           add a porcelain portrait
                                   shape carving

 Serp Top

Optional Monument Tops

​Pricing is based on size, color and any options chosen, please call for price quote

Ridge Top
Apex Top
Roof Top.

Upright Markers

Standard Monument Tops