Make the Monument really stand out with Color Shading

 Add some depth with Shape Carving

Diamond Etching​  as shown on the Rose.  (leaves show color shading)

Dress it up with the vibrant colors of ​​Monuglass inlay

​Engraved Portrait

Below are some examples of memorials that we have created for families.

Some of the memorials are created by putting together graphics from our design book, in a way that personalizes the memorial and is representative of the person (s), or by utilizing personal details such as hobbies, occupations, interests or heritage.

Some of these examples have used the options we have available to Personalize it even further, such as porcelain or engraved portraits.

Personalize the memorial with a  Signature
Below are some examples of our available options.

We strive to help you create a fitting memorial, one that shows what that person meant to you as well as something that truly reflects the unique personality of your Loved one. 

options are a way to customize the memorial, making it as unique as the person it memorializes.

please contact us for pricing.

 Gold Leafing  adds to the natural beauty

Porcelain Portrait