Classic - $653

Personal -  $1035

​Artisan  - $1406




​​Additional Options​​

Porcelain Portrait

Diamond Etching

Color Shading

Shape Carving

Gold Leaf

Polished Edges

* Classic size choice


Personal  -  $644

​Artisan  - $1015

Classic  -  $932

Personal  -  $1298

​Artisan  - $1670

Personal -  $1168

​Artisan  - $1539

Absolute Black

  The perfect way to personalize a memorial.

This option offers any combination of design elements or emblems from our design book as well as unlimited lettering. The personal flat grass marker also allows you to choose from our Premium granite colors and there is no additional charge for up to three approval sketches.


  A Simply Classic Marker.

For those that prefer simplicity or for the budget conscious, we offer the Classic marker. Available in your choice of five classic granite colors, in the *four most common sizes with unlimited lettering in one of our standard fonts with no additional charge for up to two approval sketches.

​Classic Gold


Classic Red

Personal  -  $520

​Artisan - $891


Classic - $1242

Personal  - $1823

​Artisan  - $2194


Create a one of a kind design to memorialize your loved one.

The Artisan flat grass marker allows you to supply your own artwork, add a sandblast portrait or even a signature to the design. The Artisan comes with your choice of Premium granite colors, unlimited lettering, unlimited design elements or emblems as well as unlimited design consultations and approval sketches to insure that the memorial perfectly reflects what your loved one meant to you, your family or community.

Personal -  $1298

​Artisan  - $1670

Classic -  $441

Personal  -  $774

​Artisan  - $1145

Classic Pink


Personal -  $1823

​Artisan - $2194

Classic White